Dows Lane Garden

The IEF has been proud to help get this popular garden started and has been especially excited to see the involvement of parents and every child at Dows Lane as the program grew literally and figuratively from the ground up!

Third Grade Family Math Night

You haven’t really lived until you’ve been bested by your third grader in one of the exciting math games that parents and students play at this fall favorite.

Bringing Literature to Life

The play’s the thing when second graders brainstorm, write, and perform their own theatrical productions under the guidance of a world-class director and mentor.

Storytelling with Fairy Tales

Once upon a time there was a truly exceptional literacy program that brought master storytellers to Dows Lane to not only spin unforgettable yarns for kids but also to teach the students how to better express themselves.


Dows Lane doesn’t just tell students to reach for the stars—it brings the stars right into the multipurpose room. This portable planetarium introduces the night sky and other important concepts of astronomy.

2013/14 Programs Announced!

The Irvington Education Foundation is proud to announce the funding of 21 education enrichment programs for the 2013/14 school year. Come back to this site over the course of the school year to read updates about the programs in progress, and don’t forget to “like” the Irvington Education Foundation on Facebook to receive all the latest news on our programs, fundraising events, and other activities!

Irvington High School Programs:

Friends of the Irvington Public Library Spelling Bee

Irvington Middle School Programs:

Robotics Education in Technology Class

Reel Change with the Jacob Burns Film Center

Digital Storytelling: A Dynamic Look at Narratives

Artist Residency for Shakespearean Studies

Outdoor Classroom Space

Main Street School Programs:

Hudson River Clearwater Classroom of the Waves

Stone Barns

Mexican Architecture


Dows Lane Elementary School Programs:

See, Hear, Feel Film with the Jacob Burns Film Center

Storytelling with Fairy Tales

Dows Lane Garden


Hooked on Sonics In-House Field Trip

Hands-On Science Enrichment

Bringing Literature to Life

Third Grade Family Math Night

Mad Month of Science

Multiple School Programs:

A Day in the Life of the Hudson River

Music Technology Expansion

Stone Barns: 2012-2013

Main Street School  fourth graders visited Stone Barns several times over the course of the school year and participated in guided tours and hands-on experiences that taught them the basics of agriculture and the raising of farm animals. From tours of the greenhouses and fields—including the tasting of some leafy greens that were new to them!—to visits to the animal pens, students got up close and personal with the plants and animals so integral to their everyday food routines. Staff at Stone Barns were not only warm and welcoming, often remembering students names from visit to visit, but also conveyed their own passion for farming to the kids.

Main Street School Play

Under the direction of Ms. Ottaviano and Ms. Rossi, Main Street School fourth and fifth graders produced and performed the musical play “Enchanted Sleeping Beauty.”  The process began with auditions, followed by over two months of fairly intensive after-school rehearsals (please see attached rehearsal schedule) plus the creation of scenery and other related items needed for the play.  41 students participated in the play itself and an additional 25 students participated in behind-the-scenes roles such as lighting, sound assistants and stage hands. The play supports the MSS goals of character education, which provide students with various opportunities to explore who they are, discover their talents and develop new interests.  It also provides students with the opportunity to enjoy live theater, appreciate the work and effort of fellow classmates and, perhaps, become interested in participating in theater opportunities in the years to come!

Clearwater: Power of Song

The Irvington Middle School seventh grade team put together a full day event to create Environmental Awareness through several mediums.  They learned about the Hudson River and related environmental issues through song and research. Students created song parodies with a twist: “parodies with purpose,” adapting familiar songs to reflect themes related to the Hudson River’s history and environmental challenges. Students created posters about environmental awareness and presented their “parodies with a purpose” at an assembly.

Bringing Literature to Life!

All Dows Lane second graders worked in their individual classroom environments with theater “guru” Peter Royston. This program, in its fourth year, has the children take a piece of literature and learn to adapt it by writing and producing a play. This year the theme was fractured fairy tales. Each class had a different book with a different take on a classic fairy tale, such as “The Princess and the Pizza”, “Shmoe White and the Seven Dorf ” and “Cinder-Elly” to name a few. The class wrote the script, came up with ideas for costumes, rehearsed the play and performed it for the parents. The feedback was all positive as all children had a chance to be on stage (some for the first time) and learned about the entire process of producing an original theatrical production. They also were taught about improvisation, how to work in a group, stage presence and how to be a good audience member by “Mr Royston”.