Reel Change with the Jacob Burns Film Center

Demonstrating that a picture is not only worth a thousand words but can also help bring about social change, this workshop teaches students how to make their own multimedia presentations about personal issues and responsibility.

Robotics Education in Technology Class

Robots have come a long way since “Lost in Space,” and this super-fun new program combines mechanics with computer programming to bring robots to life.


It’s not enough to just tell fifth graders about the dangers of smoking, substance abuse, and bullying. D.A.R.E., taught by members of the Irvington Police Department, goes a step further, challenging kids to create their own posters, skits, and videos delivering clever and effective health and social messages to their peers.

Mexican Architecture

Sure, your kids may have started out building with Lego, but this program teaches real architectural techniques to fifth graders, who learn the history and styles of Meso-American architecture, then create their own imaginative structures using recycled materials.

Stone Barns

Keeping fourth graders down on the farm is easy when the farm is beautiful Stone Barns! Here, students learn about planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits, animal care, and eco-friendly farming techniques.

Hudson River Clearwater Classroom of the Waves

A day trip on the “river that flows both ways” fully engages fifth graders in the tasks necessary to sail a sloop and to gather vital environmental data that helps keep the river cleaner than it’s been in decades.

Mad Month of Science

There’s nothing like a full immersion in a subject you love to bring out the mad scientist in a child, and that’s what the “mad month” is all about for a group of motivated third graders.

Hands-On Science Enrichment

The inimitable Mr. Greene brings his bag of tricks to elementary school kids in such an entertaining way that they may not quite notice that they are mastering the basics of science while having a ball.

Hooked on Sonics In-House Field Trip

The IEF was happy to step in to fund this popular program, which has been a part of Dows Lane for several years. Step into the world of Hooked on Sonics and you won’t believe your ears!

See, Hear, Feel Film with the Jacob Burns Film Center

Teachers and children alike benefit from this program, in which Dows Lane teachers receive training in narrative and film concepts, then pass them along to their eager students.