Innovation Fund 2015 / 2016 Recipients Announced!

We are so very pleased to announce this year’s Innovation Fund recipients!

The Innovation Fund is a partnership between the district, the Irvington Education Foundation, Sunnyside Federal Bank and an anonymous donor.
Students submitted their Grant Applications on November 10th. After careful review we awarded eight grants.
1. Student Art Initiative Murals Grant submitted by Rebecca Mesonjnik, Sidney Cuff, Julia Herceg, Sophia Vatakis
-Collaboration of art club members to create murals representing literary imagery and quotes.
2. Festival of One Act Plays submitted by Clara Montgomery and the Theater Troupe
–Theater Troupe will hold a one-act festival of plays representing both published and student written plays.
3. Sandy Hook Promise submitted by Daniel DeMatteo
-Provide timely education and awareness for students to prevent gun violence in school and our community.
4. Environmental Education and Clean Up submitted by Julia Sabatino
-Educate students and the community on the importance of preserving local nature and promote this idea through specific clean up days at Halsey Pond.
5. Geotagging Environmental Project submitted by Sydney Cuff
-Set up a Quick Response smart tag system at a local 1 mile long hiking Tree Trail (Also developed by Cuff) so that hikers can access tree information on their smart phone or tablet.
6. Environmental Club Marker Recycling submitted by Cleo Davidowitz and the Environmental Club
-Collection program for recycling used Crayola markers.
7 Youth Gender Equality Conference submitted by Zachary Gallin
-Create a much needed larger community for gender equality groups and clubs in area high schools.
8.Robotics Club submitted by Justin Tunis and Mikhail Dorokhov
-Provide robotics program that educates, offers support and also supplies tools and materials.

Stone Barns: Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

In the rain and cold today, two 4th grade classes went to Stone Barns for their second trip this year.

They learned about maintaining healthy soil, they shucked dried corn which will be made into Polenta, they visited the goats and sheeps, the greenhouse and learned all about making compost.



Technology-Rich Classrooms Pilot Program

The IEF is proud to fund a pilot program in technology implementation, supplying ChromeBooks to a targeted group of high school and middle school students so that various methods of interacting with technology in education can be explored in spring 2014 and beyond.

WeatherBug Weather Station

The weather outside may sometimes be frightful, but the Middle School’s new weather station is delightful. This brand-new program established a rooftop weather station that communicates directly with the school’s computers for the study of weather and other earth and space science concepts—and for the community to access weather information as well.

Music Technology Expansion

Musicians—don’t you wish your middle school and high school had had a recording studio? This program funded a computer, software, and equipment to allow students to better practice their instruments, and to capture their performances in an affordable professional-grade environment.

A Day in the Life of the Hudson River

This unique program matches high school students from the Earth and Space Sciences program with sixth grade students for a day studying the river, allowing the older students to mentor the younger ones.

Friends of the Irvington Public Library Spelling Bee

Can you spell c-o-m-m-u-n-i-t-y? The IEF is proud to provide assistance to high school students who want to participate in this lively annual fundraiser.

Outdoor Classroom Space

For those who think that they shall never see a poem—or a quadratic equation—as lovely as a tree, this program funded a beautiful installation that encourages interaction with the schools’ natural environment.

Artist Residency for Shakespearean Studies

O, for a muse of fire! Important theatrical and literary concepts are introduced through immersion in the work of William Shakespeare.

Digital Storytelling: A Dynamic Look at Narratives

Quiet on the set! Students learn about narrative form and digital filmmaking at the Jacob Burns Film Center.