Innovation Fund

In 2014, the Irvington School District, in partnership with the Irvington Education Foundation and Sunnyside Federal, launched the Innovation Fund, a unique grant designed to spur creativity and entrepreneurship among District students by providing an opportunity to receive funding for a program, enrichment experience or community initiative to benefit their peers and the District.  If you’re an Irvington High School student and you have a great idea, click HERE to download an Innovation Fund grant application.  Grants are accepted in October.

In the 2016/17 school year, the Innovation Fund awarded grants to nine students from Irvington High School for the following programs/initiatives:

  1. Spring Theater Festival–Clara Montgomery and the other members of the Theater Troupe will produce The Second Annual Spring Theater Festival in order to provide further opportunities for students in the IHS community to create and enjoy theater.
  2. WYGEC–Katie Graubert and Zoe Marmelstein will present the 2nd Annual Westchester Youth Gender Equality Conference. Last year’s event brought over 100 students from 26 difference Westchester school together with representatives from many local organizations in the LGBT community.
  3. Art Club Murals–Rebecca Mesonjnik and the rest of the Art Club will complete murals in two English classroom providing visual representation of literary references.
  4. E.R.I.C.–Hyosam Jeon and Toshio Barber will bring the Early Recognition Is Critical program (E.R.I.C.) to the middle school physical education classes.
  5. Environmental Club Tree Project–Cleo Davidowitz and the rest of the Environmental Club will provide a green, peaceful, shady and quiet area for the school community through this campus beautification project.
  6. Domestic Violence Awareness Club–Natalie Kletter will be establishing the club this year and educating HS students on the relevant and timely topic of Domestic Violence Awareness. 
  7. Reusable Water Bottles and Water filling station–Emma Castiblanco, Danielle Rader and Aiden Denehey will raise environmental awareness through their project that will encourage students to make more efforts to reduce waste of disposable water bottles.
  8. Engineering at MSS–Avani Saggi will bring engineering to 4th graders at Main Street School. Through her own modeling she will also promote females in the engineering field.
  9. Stress Reduction–Imogen Aukland will host a presentation by an area therapist addressing stress and anxiety in high school students. Imogen will then provide an after-school yoga and mediation program to promote the reduction of stress.

Previous Grants Awarded