What does the IEF do?

The Irvington Education Foundation—a not-for-profit 501c tax-exempt organization—is a partnership between the Irvington community and schools. Funds raised by the IEF are disbursed as grants that fund education enrichment programs and encourage the participation of parents and community members.


How is the IEF governed?

The IEF is governed by a volunteer board of directors, which reviews grant applications and proposals from teachers, administrators, students, and community members and submits its recommendations for funding to the board of education for approval.


What kinds of programs does the IEF fund?

The IEF funds programs in the creative and applied arts, science, literature, technology, and physical education. For descriptions and photos of recent IEF programs, go to our Programs page.


How much does a typical IEF enrichment program cost?

While program budgets vary, the IEF typically disburses about $100,000 each school year, with each program budgeted on average between $1,000 and $5,000.


How can I contribute to the IEF?

To make a donation or volunteer, please visit our Get Involved Page.


How can I share an idea for an education enrichment program?

To learn more about our grant process and download a grant application, please visit our Grant Process page.